Faze Rain claims NicMercs gets $1 million per year whilst older members didn’t

In a recent video, Faze Rain (of the Faze gaming clan) revealed that he had got his hands on financial documents, in the form of a black book. Here, he claimed that NicMercs was getting paid $1 million per year for his involvement in the Faze clan, whereas older members such as Faze Rug, Teeqo, Jev, and others weren’t paid by the clan.

He also went off on newer members and said “It’s fake when you pay someone to join to look cool. That’s what takes from the OG’s, because these new people will comply for the cheque and do what corporate tells them do. We get framed as the decision makers.”

Despite Faze Rain’s passionate speech, many of the twitter public didn’t really agree with his sentiments – with one saying “Why is this a bombshell? I had never heard about these faze guys before they started posting drama. NickMercs on the other hand has always been talked about with reverence by other streamers.” In general, the consensus was that his thoughts weren’t realistic and that NicMercs had earned his money due to the attention he brought to the clan in the first place. So, what do you think?



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