Much loved TikTok creator Hank Green announces he has cancer

A much-loved TikTok creator recently announced that he has cancer. Hank Green isn’t your typical TikToker, and doesn’t really fit the typical ‘demographic’ of sorts. Instead, he’s an older guy who is a specialist in biology. As a result of his expertise, Green’s videos often get millions of views, and are greeted by many as a nice, academic change from the usual schoolyard gossip that usually plagues the platform.

Sadly, this week he announced that he’s got lymphoma – and wrote on Twitter, “Had a meeting with my oncologist Friday and my PET scan looked very encouraging. All of the signs of disease are in “two adjacent nodal clusters” with no involvement of organs outside the lymph nodes. Marrow looks clean (though it’s always very hard to know for sure, there was not abnormal sugar update in the marrow.) I don’t have any of the “unfavorable” symptoms (night sweats, weight loss, lack of appetite.) And sometimes Hodgkin’s can get very clumpy and form a big mass which they call “bulky disease” and I don’t have that.”

In other words, it looks as though Hank Green remains optimistic about his cancer. Obviously, there is a spectrum when it comes to cancer. Some people can get awful diagnoses, whereas others can receive less devastating news. Hopefully, it’s the latter for Hank, and on a positive note, it’s good to see his millions of followers showing him support and love.



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