iDubbbz releases apology video based on Content Cop drama

Yesterday saw iDubbbz release an apology video of sorts – and unlike most apology videos posted on Youtube, this one seemed legit. As a result, the vast majority of comments seemed to buy into his thoughts and praised his maturity for opening up about his struggles. So, what made this apology video different compared to the typical, generic Youtube apology video that we’ve seen so many of over the years?

Firstly, it came from a real place. Usually, apology videos are done after a scandal breaks loose and are part of a damage limitation campaign. In other words, the saying of ‘sorry they got caught, rather than sorry they cheated’ kind of springs to mind.

This is the key difference with iDubbbz, he hadn’t done anything scandalous, at least not lately. In short, his apology was based on his Content Cop series – where he unashamedly bashed Youtube creators and criticized their content. Specifically, he spoke about that video featuring Tana Mongaeu where he said a slur, and described his actions as ‘cruel’ towards her.

These days, his channel has taken a different turn. iDubbbz hasn’t done a content cop video in years and mostly does the odd piece on Youtube boxing or some kind of one-off video. On a side note, his documentary with AirsoftFatty was genuinely decent.

Anyway, if anything else, this is a good example of someone who is genuine and cares about their actions. Hopefully, this will develop into more success for iDubbbz who has had a tough time of note but only time will tell.



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