iNabber weighs in on illuminaughtii drama with 2 HOUR Youtube video

iNabber wasn’t one to keep this casual, as he just dropped a video directing the illuminaughti drama. This wasn’t a brief, 5 minute clip either. Instead, he spent over 2 hours discussing the ins and outs of the scenario. In other words, if you want to truly understand what’s happened – then this video may be worth a watch. In fairness, it’s in-depth as you’d expect. However, 2 hours is still very long for what is effectively internet gossip.

As a result of this video, many claimed that the illuminaughti saga should be put to bed. Since the drama unfolded, there have been countless videos chiming in on how it’s all gone down. Although it’s good to highlight stuff like this and point out moral injustices, you could argue that sometimes, the Youtube community is too quick to jump on people and criticize them.

In fact, some even claimed that iNabbers video was too long with one commenter even calling him ‘insufferable’. Check out the video below and make your own mind up:

So, if you want to learn more about the whole drama, and have a few hours to spare, then watch the above video. In fairness to iNabber, it’s certainly well-researched.



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