Bunnie XO causes controversy with Patreon message toward fan

A recent drama has occurred involving Bunnie XO and a fan of hers. This came about after said fan released a snapshot of their Instagram conversation – whereby the fan had been overcharged by Bunnie’s Patreon account. Here, Bunnie claimed that she had nothing to do with the handling of the site’s finances, which is fair enough. However, she then went on to end the conversation by writing: “All this over $15. Smh.” and “I’m blocking you now, take care girl” which abruptly ended the exchange. This can be seen in the screenshot below:

Best known for her podcast and Youtube videos, Bunnie XO is the wife of Jelly Roll. However, despite her success – this conversation seemed to rub fans up the wrong way, with the majority on social media siding against her.

Here, they wrote, “I don’t understand how so many people are enamored with her. Everything about her rubs me the wrong way.”

“Nothing is worse than a rich person talking down to someone about money. Man I hate that.”

“$15 dollars in this economy is $15 dollars. I think she has forgotten where she came from…”

Clearly, this was not a good exercise in PR as far as Bunnie is concerned. Having said this, we may never hear about this saga again. If anything more happens – then we’ll keep you posted!



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