Whatever happened to Sorrow TV?

This is a question that has often been asked over the past few years, whatever happened to Sorrow TV? Firstly, we shall look at the backstory. In short, Sorrow TV was a successful voice-over actor, who could also sing. Basically, he was a talented guy.

However, Sorrow TV was best known for his Youtube channel. Here, he’d go over Reddit stories and drama. When combining this with his smooth voice and natural charisma, it was a winning formula. So much so, that in 2023, Sorrow TV currently sits on almost 1.4 million Youtube subscribers. This is despite not releasing a video since three years ago.

As well, his last Twitter update was in 2021, which was a picture of his beloved dog. Aside from this, there has been radio silence.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many answers at this point. However, there are some theories out there. Firstly, it’s no secret that he struggled with mental health issues. Some speculate that he just quit out of the blue to focus on tackling depression. Others have a more positive outlook, which is that his voiceover career took off. Regardless, we don’t really know at this point – but to suddenly bail on his internet fame was bizarre, and has generated plenty of questions as a result. So, sadly no one knows what happened to him – and maybe we never will.



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