Do Danny Mullen’s Patreon stats prove controversial Youtuber is on the decline?

Danny Mullen’s Youtube career has never been simple. Here, his channel consists of trolling, ‘it was just a prank bro’ style content, and gonzo vlogging. However, love him or hate him, it’s clear that over the years, he’s had a pretty loyal fanbase as far as Patreon is concerned.

Having said this, the Patreon stats also show a concerning trend for Mullen – whose donors have consistently declined since his peak of 2021. At this point, he had almost 3,500 donators, whereas this number now hovers around 1,600 per month. This can be seen in greater detail in the chart below:

As seen on the graph on the left, Mullen’s Patreon subscribers are actually up significantly compared to 2020, but have gone down since 2021. The graph on the right also shows the past month, where the downward trend also continues.

Now, when you’re charging a minimum of $10+ per Patreon, this means you’re making bank. However, it’s not all as glamorous as it seems. For instance, it’s on record that he pays Nico and Ian $50k per year, which combined with channel fees and travel, soon add up.

Not only this, but these Patreon numbers also reflect the overall state of his Youtube channel which has also steadily dropped since 2021. So, what is next for Danny Mullen? On the one hand, he’s still relevant and financially doing ok. However, if things continue then this may not always be the case…



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