Keemstar announces dream boxing match up for Greg Paul

Although Keemstar may be retired from the Youtube business, but that doesn’t mean he’s not stoking up drama from his Twitter account. Yesterday saw Keem announce his ‘dream‘ boxing match up which was pure speculation, but would be epic if he could pull it off.

This included the father of Jake and Logan Paul, Greg Paul vs. Elpresador. Both of these men are not spring chickens, but Greg Paul has previously claimed he would do a bare knuckle boxing fight against British influencer ‘Simple Simon’ last year. In other words, like his sons, it seems that he’s game to step in the ring and scrap.

On the other hand, Elpresador is arguably less known but is still known for his volatile personality – so knowing Elpresador, he would be equally up for a fight against Greg Paul. Since stepping away from Youtube, Keemstar has kind of transitioned into a promoter for Youtube boxing which may be a lucrative step for his career. Interestingly, it was floated a few years back that he would fight fellow Youtuber H3H3 in a boxing match but sadly this never materialized.

If you said a few years ago that Logan Paul’s dad would be in a boxing match in the future, you’d probably laugh. However, this is the zany world of Youtube boxing and stranger things have certainly happened so watch this space…

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