TikTok star Nugs creates Go Fund Me for sick dog, fans aren’t happy

Another day, another drama surrounding Nugs (formerly known as The Unhappy Hooker). This time, Nugs created a Go Fund Me page for their dog, and promoted it on Tiktok. In fairness to Nugs, it does say in the caption, “Absolutely no one is required to donate.”

Obviously, if someone’s dog is ill, this is a cause for concern. However, it’s the reason why Nugs took to Tiktok which has infuriated fans on social media. In the video, Nugs is clearly open about why they can’t pay their dog’s bills – which is due to having a throat STI due to unprotected sex work. This isn’t too surprising, considering Nugs’s line of work after all.

One commenter added, “I don’t believe in shaming sex work but I’m so tired of the way we normalize it. This is disgusting. They are being irresponsible and in their line of work they should be getting tested regularly to make sure they aren’t getting infected with anything and infecting their clients. Totally unacceptable.”

This comes months after Nugs took to Tiktok to lament their mental health issues. It’s fair to say that this year, Nugs has taken a lot of criticism from their fans who have called them out for controversial behavior. So, the question is – is this behavior acceptable, or is Nugs playing the victim? Irrespective of this, hopefully the dog gets cared for as well.



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