Figures show Mama Tot’s TikTok channel in HUGE decline

Last year saw big numbers on Mama Tot’s TikTok channel – and at her peak in June 25th 2022, she had a daily view count of almost 11 million. It goes without saying that these are big numbers, even by Tiktok standards. As seen below though, these numbers have not continued, and now people are talking about her decline. It’s not just talk though either, as the saying goes…the numbers don’t lie.

As if the above graph wasn’t damning enough, the graph below also tells a similar story: Now in May 2023, Mama Tot’s daily views are sitting below 500,000 per day – which is a huge decline from her peak of 11 million. Worryingly, it’s not yet over – as the decline may only continue into the future.

So, why did this happen? According to viewers, there is speculation that she paid for views. Of course, this is not proven. Similarly, others claimed that Mama Tot’s fandom is declining due to Go Fund Me scams. Again, this isn’t provable in anyway and is merely gossip. However, the people of social media has argued that this is why her popularity is going down.

Regardless of conspiracy theories, it still returns to the fact that the numbers are in decline. If anything, this should serve as a cautionary tale to TikTok users – as often fame on the platform can be very fleeting and fickle.



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