Youtuber Yasmyn Switzer reveals breakup with partner Logan Dominick

Youtuber Yasmyn Switzer recently did a video confirming that she had split up with her ex-partner Logan Dominick. The two had got engaged during her late teens and had a family together, so undoubtedly this is sad news. In the video, she didn’t go into too much detail but did mention that they constantly fought a lot which was obviously not a good sign.

The video was entitled ‘Becoming a single mom again at 22’ and lasted over 17 minutes in total. However, if you want a rough copy of the content then it’s already been said in our opening paragraph. Usually, this sort of relationship break-up video could be considered a bit too much in terms of revealing your personal life. Having said that, Switzer is a full-on lifestyle vlogger who has always been open about her life with the public, so it actually makes sense.

Those that have watched her channel closely didn’t seem too surprised though, and commented the likes of: “This was a long time coming ever since she was pregnant with analia she said they have had issues and fought a lot.” and “she will have a new boyfriend by the end of the year.”

For more information – check out the original video below:



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