The Click Exposes Iillumnaughtii on Twitter thread

Recently, popular Youtube creator iillumnaughtii has been under fire for her comments made against fellow Youtuber LegalEagle. Although she’s since retracted her claims about him, the damage to her public image continues.

This even led her one-time friend and business associate The Click to create a 16-part Twitter thread on her, which was not exactly complimentary. In this thread, he claimed that he hadn’t been her friend for over 2 years, that she lashed out at friends, gaslighted people, tried to gain control of his discord, and gave strict ultimatums.

This expose led one Twitter account to say this: “Been a fan of several creators from sad milk from years ago. I made friends in that same community too,, and made several fan content of yall (that animatic long ago) But genuinely good for you for leaving the group and so sorry this happened to you and the others” which set the tone for many of the responses.

The original tweet also had nearly 8000 links – which shows the gravity of the situation. Since these claims have came out, the iillumnaughtii subreddit has also gone private. As ever, the drama continues – which is just another day as far as Youtube is concerned!



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