Software image shows what Memeulous looks like unmasked

The unmasked face of Memeulous has often been the source of internet speculation. For many years now, the British Youtuber has successfully hidden his face to his millions of subscribers. This is always done with his trademark white bandana, sunglasses, and baseball cap.

In fact, aside from his nationality and iconic look, not much is known about him – other than he lives in London and his real name is George. It should also be noted that he’s also meant to be quite small, and stands around 5’6 feet in height.

Once, there was also a person with a similar build who accidentally walked into the background of a WillNE live stream – however, this was proven to be someone else, as his body shape was noticeably different when compared to that of Memeulous.

So, sadly, the image below is all we have to go on, as far as revealing the true face of Memeulous.

This image was software generated and the top left image is completely real. Here, we can get a good look at the eyes of Memeulous, but not much else. After this, much of his remaining face is speculation. So, if we can find more information then stay tuned. However, as he seems a very private person away from Youtube, don’t count on it.



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