Keemstar beefs with DSP on Twitter – “He tried to steal my podcast idea”

Even though Keemstar may be retired from his Drama Alert channel – he still has a lot to say, and this time it’s on his Twitter account. In fairness, if you’ve followed his Twitter account recently, he often has a lot to say. In a recent tweet, he called out gaming Youtuber DSP (also known as DarkSydePhil) and also claimed that DSP had tried to ‘steal’ his podcast idea.

Furthermore, he also claimed to offer DSP $50,000 for a podcast job which DSP turned down. As seen in the tweet below, Keem wasn’t really too happy with DSP!

He also claimed to have tried to settle the beef, but said that GSP continued to talk smack about him just hours later. In a similar tweet, Keem also said that he had set up future interviews with DSP’s family and friends. On a naive level, you may think this may be to discuss the situation. However, it may also turn out to be some kind of scoop to reveal personal secrets to use against DSP. After all, Keemstar is known for great drama!



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