Ethan Klein shows INCREDIBLE weight loss on H3h3 podcast

It’s no secret that Ethan Klein has been undergoing a weight loss journey over recent months. From day one, Ethan was never bothered about his weight, and over the years, he clearly put on a few pounds. Eventually, he decided to diet better and generally eat healthier. As a result, you can see the huge difference in his face and body in the first picture, compared to the second.

Yes, although Ethan is also sporting a beard and buzzcut, he undeniably looks far healthier in the first picture and lacks the double chin from the slightly older picture on the right. You can also see more definition on his jaw line, as well as cheek bones in the first picture.

It’s not just Ethan who has been putting work in the gym either, as his wife Hila Klein has also gone on her own health kick lately and also started working out more. Interestingly, Ethan once went on record to say how working out was ‘a waste of time’ which seems to be something he’s since gone back on – based on the aforementioned pictures!



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