What happened to Shina Novalinga?

As of today (May 2023), the last time social media star Shina Novalinga posted to her Tiktok account was around 8 months ago. Although she did post a picture on her Instagram account in February of this year, it’s still strange to not see her around as much.

So, why did this happen? For those that don’t know, in December 2022, Shina posted an emotional message on her IG account, whereby she was pictured on an IV drip on a hospital bed. She mentioned in this post how she had attempted suicide due to her battle with mental health and depression. Unsurprisingly, her fans were very supportive during this tough time.

Nova first rose to stardom on the Tiktok platform, whereby she amassed over 4 million subscribers. This was due to her unique Inuit throat singing and facial markings that were part of her native upbringing in Canada. Sadly though, despite her success and newly found fame, she was clearly struggling behind the scenes.

So, in short – this explains why she hasn’t been active on social media for a matter of months now. Of course, we can only wish that she gets better and her mental health improves. Because of this, it may be that we don’t even see her return to social media. Obviously, it’s a case of doing whatever is best for her at this time, which explains why she is no longer active.



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