The Bucketlist Family offers special access to their 2nd child for $5 per month – BACKLASH from viewers

This week saw the Bucket List Family allow people to speak to their second child at the cost of $5 per month. Here, they shared this on an Instagram story which had an emoji covering their child’s face and invited questions to ask said child. This can be seen in the image posted below:

Whilst there’s nothing stopping them from doing this – it did draw criticism from social media, with comments that included:

“Wtf. That’s so creepy. No self respecting adult would pay for that. Or even want that kind of relationship. That’s disgusting. How can parents be so encouraging of this??”

“I have no idea how they do this with no concern or care for their children’s privacy. It makes me want to slap that smug smile off Garrett’s face.”

“Daddy Garret is a showboat and a millionaire. Life is all about him. He’s a huge grifter on YouTube and other social media. Their children are exploited at every opportunity, especially on the internet.”

As seen – this did not go down well on social media – where the above comments were just a taste of how disgusted some were with Garret’s decision. In defense of The Bucketlist Family, one paying member claimed that the main purpose of paying the $5 was to gain extra access to videos that weren’t on Youtube. They also claimed that the kid’s faces remained unseen – so, does this mean that fans had a big overreaction to it all?



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