iilluminaughtii Calls out LegalEagle & it backfires MASSIVELY

Recently, a lot of drama has been circulating around the Youtuber iilluminaughtii due to accusations that she then retracted. In short, she claimed that fellow Youtuber LegalEagle had copied her editing style, which including paper rips and other effects. To this, LegalEagle responded calmly and claimed it was a misunderstanding – of which iilluminaughtii (real name Blair) eventually agreed with him.

However, this was only the tip of the iceberg as it seemed to enrage fans, who then claimed that she had plagiarized content in the past. This was also brought on by her apology video, which many claimed was forced and ingenuine.

Not only this but at the same time, her ex-friends have publicly criticized her, following iilluminaughtii’s involvement in past controversies like Tommy C’s SFTP and r/Slash. iilluminaughtii posted a 40-minute video in response, which was poorly received.

However, the drama doesn’t stop there. It also turns out that her official subreddit may have also been turned private for the time being, due to backlash from the public. On social media, one user summed it up well – and said this: “It was public for a day or so past her “sorry not sorry” video, then taken down preemptively from what I could tell. Not really any mob of savages, trolls or animals, just a lot of questions.”

In short, it’s been a rough week for iilluminaughtii and her reputation has definitely suffered as a result. Time will tell if her 1.5 million subscribers stick by her.



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