Hutts claims that Youtube hasn’t paid him since last year

In a shock video, the Youtuber known as Hutts released a plea to Youtube and Google, claiming that they hadn’t paid his channel since last year. Despite efforts at contacting them, this came to no avail. According to Hutts, he also lost around $25,000 in revenue during this time which is obviously tough (if true)

Beginning with the video, Hutts said, “Youtube stole a lot of money from me. By stole, I mean they didn’t pay me – and that goes against the contract I signed with them. Youtube gave me the huge corporate equivalent of two giant middle fingers.”

To cut a long story shot, the video below basically said this: The issue with Google’s new account setup is that they mistakenly ran ads on the Hutt’s videos for several months, but failed to compensate him his portion of the ad revenue, which amounts to around $25,000. Despite repeated attempts to resolve the matter, Google has not taken any action, leading Hutts to create a video publicly addressing the situation. Whether this actually works remains to be seen.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Very rarely has something like this happened before – and although Hutts isn’t the biggest fish in the Youtube pond, he’s still got nearly 500,000 subscribers and a decade of work behind his name, which clearly doesn’t count for anything.



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