DanahBanana calls Demps out (kind of)

In a recent Instagram story, DanahBananaa called out fellow TikToker, Demps. However, to her credit it wasn’t really calling her out. Here, she responded to a question that said “Be a hater, you’re safe here: Demps gives me an Icky vibe”

Responding to this, DanaBananaa had a quizzed look on her face and wrote underneath: “**NOT ALL. But a lot of these Southern moms with these platforms have the WORST mean girl, internalized, misogyny vibes. Their followers are cult like as well. They also call themselves content creators when they’ve never spent actual time and creativity on a video.”

“Overall, Danah’s response was well received on social media with one user commenting: “That’s the only reason I still follow Danah. We have different views but she’s exactly the same as when I followed her three years ago. I think probably because she is mentally ill and can’t really hang out with other creators because of that.”

On a gossipy note, it will be interesting to see if Demps replies as this one could get fiery!



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