MakeUpCrayz BANNED from Instagram, loses 50K followers overnight

This week saw the popular Instagram beauty account MakeUpCrayz banned from the platform. However, there has not been a specific reason given, as to why the ban took place. Having said this, it isn’t the first account that MakeUpCrayz has had on there either, which shows the result of a previous ban. Interestingly though, in a lengthy statement – MakeUpCrayz mentioned how she would not be returning to Instagram, despite building a solid following.

As seen, MakeUpCrayz ended the post by saying that ‘Instagram sucks’, alongside a final message of confusion, adding “I don’t mind restrictions but let us be able to know why something happened to our account.”

Having said this, many social media users rejoiced at this news, saying “For real! I laughed at the part where she said she didn’t know. Like she’s been called out multiple times by many people and it’s her own doing! But apparently she only cares about her follower count and doesn’t even like makeup anymore sooo whatever leave then bye makeupcrayz!!!” and “She doesn’t know why? Racism, classism, sexism, hypocrisy, openly supporting problematic brands…is that enough?”

Overall, it’s fair to say that MakeUpCrayz is certainly not bland or boring, and was often divisive with her content. However, for now – the tea has stopped where they’re concerned.



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