Hila Klein shares heartbreaking baby news

Hila Klein recently shared an Instagram story that showed her drinking from a mug. Here, she wrote on the story “Our IVF transfer didn’t work :(“

It’s been no secret that for a long time, Hila and Ethan Klein have been wanting another baby, as they are now in their mid-thirties and have a desire to expand their family. In fact, this topic of conversation has even been discussed quite often and openly on their H3H3 podcast.

With this said, the failed IVF procedure has been met with sadness from the Kleins. However, it’s not just them who are sad. As ever with the H3H3 fans, their loyal following also had this to say on social media: “I’m glad they didn’t find out on the show so they didn’t have to process that in front of an audience. Can’t imagine the heartbreak after going through so much to try to have a baby. ): I hope they take all the time they need to process/grieve for what could have been.”

“That was her only girl egg, and having a girl was important to Hila since she lives in a house full of boys already. And she still has to go through most of the process again, including those super painful shots every day that she was really excited to not do anymore. It definitely sucks ass for them”



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