HannahxxRose responds to Sensitive Soci3ty claims

Two days ago, Youtuber Sensitive Soci3ty created a video discussing HannahXXRose, a content creator on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok with over 2.9 million followers. According to Sensitive Soci3ty, HannahXXRose had bullied a smaller YouTuber with around 12,000 subscribers after being placed in the F-tier of a tier list. He even claimed that she had a mental breakdown and started to flex her followers, which she claimed to be a joke.

Responding to this, HannahXXRose wrote “What the hell haha?! I watched your entire 2 videos SUPPORTING them and the message behind them. They were great videos because even I got tricked into thinking the girl’s TikTok’s were real. Then I wanted to support your content further and found the video with the segment of me. I definitely wasn’t being entirely serious reacting to the tier list. I can’t even explain how out of context these clips were. Wow.”

Above, HannahxxRose’s avatar

According to Sensitive Soci3ty, her response to the situation was damage control, claiming that she wasn’t being serious and that the slips were taken out of context. He went on to say that since joining the Dream SMP server, her fanbase was now full of young children. Furthermore, he added how they have reportedly been doxing people who do not like Hannah, and her attempt at gaslighting the smaller YouTuber was ‘appalling‘.

Adding to this, he mentioned, “If you truly believe she went way too far with the jokes why not reach out sooner? Why reach out after there’s like three or four videos and they’re calling you out directly? I don’t think she’s sorry, I think she’s sorry she got caught and embarrassed that now everyone will know her as a girl with 2.9 Million followers on Tik Tok.”

Sensitive Soci3ty wrapped things up by dissing her hygiene due to her long streams on Twitch while playing Minecraft and how it was concerning that some individuals were unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

We will keep you posted for any further updates on this growing Youtube drama.



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